Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our goal at TeesOrama is to provide products as advertised and best shipping of orders possible. We are geared toward quality service over speed. Due to the nature of our products and the work involved during certain times of the year, order processing times may be longer than expected.

Please check with us for current order processing and transit times. If time is of essence, we will do our best to expedite orders when asked. However, this is not always possible where contributing factors are external and are beyond our control.

- Availability

Stock availability on our website is subject to change without notice as some of products may depleted and become unavailable for long periods. We will do our best to keep product availability information correct and up to date. However, we can and do run out of items during the course of processing orders in between the time you place your order and the time your order is packed. Any shortages due to an item being out of stock will be credited back to you.

It is our goal to restock all out of stock items whenever possible and available but it is important to understand that certain items (and product options i.e colors, size etc) are not continuously available to us in a reasonable quality. All specified product weights, colors and measures are approximate and may vary.

- Additional Terms

Any provision proposed or utilised by any buyer in connection with the purchase of any products described herein shall not supersede these terms and conditions of usage of our website, unless expressly agreed to in writing. Prices and quantities are subject to change without notice.

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